Company Profile

South Central Mutual was established in 1874 as Randolph & Scott Town Mutual. From this small beginning the company has steadily grown. In 1977 Westford Mutual merged into Randolph & Scott Town Mutual and the name was changed to Randolph, Scott, Westford Mutual. On January 1, 1995 Manchester, Kingston & Marquette Mutual merged with Randolph, Scott, Westford Mutual and a new name was chosen, the name being South Central Mutual Insurance Company. In 1999 a lot was purchased in Friesland for future building of an office. In September of 2002, an office was built at 201 S. Madison Street in Friesland, Wisconsin. 

Mission Statement

South Central Mutual Insurance Company is a local Town Mutual Company owned and directed by our members, the policyholders. We strive to meet the insurance needs of our members by providing quality insurance products and to exceed their expectations of service and value and to conduct all business in an ethical and honest manner. We strive to be a financially sound organization while serving our community with good insurance products by using a shared discipline of underwriting and loss control.

Company Structure

South Central Mutual Insurance Company is a “mutual” insurance company in which the company is owned by the policyholders. Members of the board of directors are elected to 3 year terms by the policyholders at the company’s annual meeting on the first Tuesday of March.